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I'm not good at English, but I like to watch English movies and I love hearing other people speak English even though sometimes I don't understand clearly what they are talking about. Especially when he or she spoke quickly, like my boss at work
Amazingly I was working in MNC, which use English for official communications, such as email, work instructions, reports, etc. Whether it is a destiny that I had to learn English? (lebay yach ... :p)
Remembering the days of old when I was still unyu-unyu and kinyis-kinyis ^__^, I just graduated from college, and following selection tests, who interviewed me was a foreigner, the Manager of Production.
He says: 'If you can't speak English, you can use the French language, because I come from there"
Wew, tweweweng ....saia cuma nyengir kuda....

I was very nervous , Oh no.., what then if I don't  know what he asked, and how I should answer it. But, Alhamdulillah.... the interviewer was very friendly. At least I can answer all the questions with my English which is still like a Tarzan.

(asli saya bodo bgt ngomong inggrisnya....temen saya yang ndengerin aja ampe ketawa ngakak)
I don't have adequate preparation, because I don't know the tips and tricks on how to deal with job interviews. So only with reckless, and confidence that are imposed, hahaha
(gue tidak tau kalau ada buku panduan wawancara kerja,yg bisa bantu gue memberi gambaran umum gimana sich wawancara kerja itu,  iye...gue  katrok  dech  ...)

Half-hour interview, I answered all the questions without thinking, inconsequential...
All the words just came out of my mouth with my very chaotic English  hahahaha (malu-maluin almamater aja lu ...)

And I am very glad that I accepted to work. I don't think of anything and I immediately went to Jakarta. The important thing is I'm not unemployed, any job I will do as long as halal, and the salary could to support myself, and hopefully if I can save money. Most important is the experience for me which I am still young at that time,  kinyis-kinyis dech hehehe

And the first time I come to work I became increasingly nervous, Wew, disambut ma bule-bule (ya iyalah....)

Eng ing eng ... My trainer is also bule, fierce enough.
Of course, using English for communication. I should not ask a friend if I don't understand what was taught by the trainer, I,m only allowed to ask directly to the trainer if I don't understand what he teaches. (waktu itu gue mikir, untuk tanya aja gue  harus mikir gimana kalimat inggrisnya,biar nyambung, hadooohhh........)

Almost a month I was quite stressful to learn new knowledge. I'm afraid if I was not able to master the new knowledge quickly and correctly, I will soon be kicked out, I was embarrassed with neighbors in the village if that happens. My weight down 3 kilograms, hahaha. My weight usually always go up, but hard to come down :(

Little by little I learned, although I was still stupid, but lumayanlah.... J
My office provides free English courses in office, during business hours as well ... I'm excited about that, although I am still at a basic level (mentok-mentoknya intermediet gadungan, hahahaha)
Until  now the course still continue , but my own lazy, because the course does not cut the hours of work anymore (hahaha, dasar pemalas, gimana mo maju lu....)

Sometimes I think, they're working in Indonesia, then they have to learn Indonesian language, and using the Indonesian language as an official communication hehehe: p (maunya....tapi sekarang kan era global cumi..., ngomongnya pake boso londo-londo kae lah...kayak cinta laura getohh)

Why my posts in English??

ah ... I just checked Google Translate, can really be used? and today my friend invited me to chat in English, because Friday is English Day hehehehe

After reading the description above, can be seen if my English is still chaotic :p

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Anonymous said...

Aduh...jadi baca juga deh akhirnya :p

ria haya said...

heeehe...met ya.. :p

Gaphe said...

i think you need a book tittled : "english learning for dummies". hahah.. no offense yaak, but saya pikir your tulisan is soo easy to dipahami.

i also used english for email and report, but only once in a month. So, feel that english is easy and fun little bit help us to be brave to communicate!.

ria haya said...

hahaha....iya kali ya...
ayo kau saja yg bikin itu buku, nanti gue yg jd pembeli pertamanya :p

'brave to communicate', iya gue msh terus belajar utk itu, krn gue emang cenderung pendiem n pemalu hehehe

yaaah aku terlanjur baca :p

ria haya said...


niee said...

aku gak bisa inggris deh,,
tapi postingan ini lumayan mudah buat dipahami, hehehe...
wah, jadi tertarik juga pingin belajar inggris :D

ria haya said...

klo ga bisa dipahami, nti gue sendiri yg bingung, sebenernya ni gue ngemeng apaan c...??? :p

ayo belajar yg rajin, jgn kyk gue! ;)

☺☺☺ said...

waaah usahanya perlu dikasih dua jempol nih d^^b

ria haya said...

Ata : hahaha makasih, jempol tangan pa kaki nich?