Mo pamer kampungku *o*

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Huwaaa .... finally I can rest, after 3 months is quite drained of energy and mind, with all assignments and exams. Hmmmm ... working while school was making my body pretty sore. But its okay, I enjoyed it, for the sake of making my brain is not getting frozen, due to a monotonous job.
Long weekends can not be going home this time, because it coincided with exams. Although the government set off together on Monday, it doesn't affect me. Policies in the office where I work, closed Mondays, but on Tuesday to come to work as usual. Make it easier for employees to be a long weekend without cutting annual leave, where only 12 days / year.

On Monday, a holiday just in the dorm alone. Lying, resting, just watch TV, read books and magazines, and other unimportant activities hahaha
OK, because I'm not busy, I would like to share stories about my hometown. Located on an alluvial plain. Do you know what it is alluvial plain?An alluvial plain is a relatively flat landform created by the deposition of sediment over a long period of time by one or more rivers coming from highland regions, from which alluvial soil forms. A floodplain is part of the process, being the smaller area over which the rivers flood at a particular period of time, whereas the alluvial plain is the larger area representing the region over which the floodplains have shifted over geological time. (membuka catatan lama nich hehehehe)

my village

morning in my village

I live in a village which has a vast area of paddy fields, skipped by Serayu River to the sea. I'm happy to walk around the village, past rice fields, gardens, fields, rivers, seas, and hills or the distant view of Mount Slamet in the north there. It doesn't matter if my skin is becoming more jet-black, which is important I can breathe fresh air and enjoying the breeze that hit my face ( hahaha). The smell of wet soil due to rain, the smell of dry hay, just the smell of the countryside makes me happy

Morning in Serayu River
behind my house

Livelihoods of people in my village which is an agricultural area, mostly rice farmers, with a sideline taking nira (badeg) of the coconut tree which is the raw material for making brown sugar (palm sugar). Yeah, in my village there are many coconut trees. But now living in my village started to vary, not only farmers but there are civil servants, employees, merchant, labor, and others. Maybe follow the changes in the development and modernization era. There's only a few are living as fishermen, because the big waves of the Samudera Indonesia doesn't allow fishermen to sea from our area.

the waves

One of the places that I like to visit if I'm taking a long vacation is the beach. Seeing the sunrise or sunset. Lately, I prefer to see a sunset, because I did not bother to get up early :p
I love seeing the orange evening sky, enjoying the evening breeze gets colder, see the birds flying in groups that may be returned to their nests. Sometimes seeing a bunch of swiftlet bird flying over the hill Selok in the afternoon makes me chuckle in awe and gawk, offer a sense of gratitude because I can still see all of it.

group of swiftlet

sunset in Bunton beach

small hill in Sodong

narsis :p

NB : lagi sinau bhs inggris, nek arep mbok geguyu yo rapopo hehehehe

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kampung halamannya indah banget mbak,
asri, cocok jadi kampung wisata nih.. :)

ria haya said...

hahaha...makasih. Kemana-mana sawah yang hijau atau menguning. Berharap suatu hari nanti bisa kembali tinggal di kampung ^^

I-one said...

wow,wonderfull, its greats..i love this sunset very natural...

wah, boleh nih kalo main ke sana borong kelapa. hehee

Gaphe said...

keliatan masih ndesooo banget.. asri, sejuk, udaranya juga masih segar. ternyata ada spot yang menarik juga disitu yah?..

bersyukur masih punya kampung halamaaan ^_^

ga tau kenapa...kalau liat foto2 seperti itu...langsung damai hati saya....hmmmmm...



Rawins said...

ampuuuun dah...
basane gaule ra etung
nginume badheg..???

ria haya said...

@I-one : i love too...^^

@Sang Cerpenis bercerita : ayo borong2, beli kelapa di kebunku aja hahaha

@Gaphe : hahahaha...iya bersyukur tesih nduwe iso bali neng ndeso...

@Nufri L Sang Nila : iya bener, liat foto2 pemandangan yg sejuk mang bikin damai...

@Rawins : hahahaha.... you got the point....cerdas! *o*