short story about one of my best friend

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Her name is Mutmainah. Someone who is simple and unpretentious, kind, diligent, and a loyal friend. Playmates ever since I was a kid. She was always willing to take the time to help me if I needed a friend to accompany me to go to a place where I wasn't brave enough to go alone. With her, I learned to read the Holly Qur'an and memorize Juz'ama in a small mosque near my house.

Her house is only about 100 yards behind my house. Behind her house, sprawling rice fields. A place where we used to fly kites or just rolling around and upside down in a haystack dry.
She was always diligent to come to the mosque every day. Clean the mosque every Sunday morning, when other friends as I was busy watching cartoons on TV. A child who is obedient and almost always willing to extend her hand to help others. Anyway, my childhood memories with her will never be forgotten.

But since we graduated from junior high school, we rarely meet. I went to the district to continue high school. She didn't continue her schooling and went to Jakarta to find work, like most of my other friends. We met only occasionally, if we're on holiday at home and when the feast of Eid al-Fitr. Until I entered college, even though our homes are close together, we've rarely met. I went to Yogyakarta, and she was still working in Jakarta.

After I graduated from college, I left Yogyakarta, and chose to return to my village, and wait for work calls. Times quite difficult, because not getting the job as well. At that time she was at home and also being unemployed. Finally we can go to the mosque together again. It was the month of Ramadan. While remembering our childhood, we spent time in the mosque until 10 pm and sometime until midnight for tadarus.
She's still as good and as fun as it once was, when other friends changed. Long time no see and talk, make me a little awkward. But ... never mind, the important thing is I still have friends in my village which is still the same age, because the others are married and have kids. Not easy to find good friend who cares and would invite us to do things that are good and positive. Month of Ramadan at the time, feels more meaningful and enjoyable, although I have not get a job.

Alhamdulillah after Eid, I was accepted to work in Jakarta. And I started working at one of the buildings on Jalan Rasuna Said just after the feast of Eid al-Adha. And since then, I rarely saw her again. And apparently she also returned to work in Jakarta. Days, months and years pass. Last news I heard, she came home a few days to attend the wedding of one of our friends in the village, where I could not come (because it seems like everyone in the village forgot to tell me about one of my friend's wedding).

And suddenly one night, before the month of Ramadan three years ago, I heard the news. My sister told me that she died. She died on the streets of the Capital. As she was about to get off the bus, before actually stepping foot on the ground, the bus was fast moving, and she was dragged. Although it was rushed to the hospital, her life has not saved, because the wounds are very severe and the cost of operation is also very expensive. Because it was late, and I do not know who should I contact in Jakarta, so I could see her, and I also can not return home, so that I do is pray, and read the Qur'an for her. I could not attend the funeral. Certainly I was very sad. And my parents also are confused, how to convey the news to her mother. The news was reported via telephone at my house, because her family in the village has no phone.

I just got to see her mother when the feast of Eid al-Fitr. My family and I stay in touch to her home. As soon as her mother saw me, she immediately hugged me tightly and cried bitterly, making everyone there was touched. She apologized for any mistakes her daughter, so I apologize for any mistakes while I'm friends with her daughter. My best friend is the daughter of the only one in the family. An eldest daughter, just like me. All the siblings were male. Mut, so I called her, was one of my best friend. You're back to the Creator, but all the memories of our friendship will remain etched hearts.

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nice friendship.. and it will be eternal.. hope Allah bless her..